Victoria Jouvert is a New York born London based visual artist who works across a multitude of mediums including photography, installation, and writing. She is a founding member of  WAVE Collective, a platform for displaying the works of emerging artists online and through consistent exhibitions.

Her work is deeply rooted in memory and the balance between the present and the past. She presents these themes within interactive installations in which the viewer participates often taking her place within representational recreated scenes from her past. The line between spectator and artist is blurred within her works in which the viewer enters a space and becomes a part of a spoken word narrative that plays out around them. The space becomes an intimate one, the stories touching upon a series of universal experiences so that while the viewer inhabits the artist’s world that world simultaneously becomes their own.

Photography underlies her works as she uses the photographic as a foundation to build upon, question, and deconstruct reality within her practice. This allows her to break through both photographic and literary representations and make them more subversive by taking pieces of text and allowing them to inhabit an environment of their own where evidence of their contents can be physically grounded in a fabricated reality.

Victoria Jouvert graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Photography from London College of Communications with a first class honours degree in May of 2017. 

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 07926 694500