Feigning Intimacy explores the infinitely inexpressible dynamics of love. Love is taboo, it is nonsensical, it evades all rationalities and often it’s expression is a mediocre one: a realm of cliches and overzealous mad monologues of endless repetition or high harmonies absurd and completely ridiculous and perhaps that is how it should be. Because there is no authenticity in love, it flutters about in the periphery of our intellects - constantly rolled across our minds bulbous and evasive and never lying flat in our desires to decode its depths. When it is felt it is essence of truth - nothing can be so certain as the intensity of our love and yet when it is over in the pain of it’s loss it is the absence of all truth: infinitely negating itself forever.

Feigning Intimacy was exhibited in the first exhibition and launch of WAVE Collective at Carmel by the Green in September of 2017 and again in November 2017 as a part of the book launch of 40 Months/in Exile.