I Won't Come Back and I Mean It was shown at London Photography Diary's first exhibition The Physical Fabric of Cities from the 4th of August to the 4th of October at Carmel by the Green.

 I Won't Come Back and I Mean It involved the documentation of a group of council buildings due to be demolished to make way for new high priced luxury flats. I documented the things the previous owners left behind.. The objects of these homes completely captured me; I became obsessed with them and what they told me about their previous occupiers. The line between the people who once lived there and myself became blurred as I delved deeper and deeper into the fragments of the lives I gathered from forgotten items. I developed a deep feeling of understanding for the previous occupiers forced out of their homes leaving the remains of their past lives behind like the remnants of a tragic evacuation. Through this personal portrayal of the objects left behind I explored themes of melancholia, memory, and the political tensions behind the regeneration of London.