The Voice of a Generation

The Voice of a Generation is a spoken word based installation encompassing the stories of a group of troubled American teenagers that informed my adolescence. It existed as a full room installation where viewers were transported into a representational recreation of my past. It is a space that I often occupied as a teenager and throughout it plays a soundscape and monologue encompassing the stories of my fucked up youth; it is about being young and lost and not necessarily seeing a future past the present moment, but it is also about living life in a way that felt authentic when the world around us did not. It is the universal expression of youth that was mine but could just as easily be your own.

The Voice of a Generation received the Michael Wilson and the Hotshoe Magazine award in Kind of BA Photography Degree Show at London College of Communication. It was also shown in Writing Photographs at the London College of Communications Shopping Centre gallery space and LCC BA Photography Pre Degree Show in Bussey Building.